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The WingNuts is a Rag Chew group on 7.230 MHz our alternative frequency is 7.235 MHz. The group was started by KC9CUK & KC9CML, the idea was to have fun and leave the egos, nets, politics, etc. for other frequencies.  This group’s call to arms is “Ham Nuts Just Winging It”.  So you are asking yourself I don’t know if I’m a WingNut or not, we can help.  If you are thinking this is very silly, crazy, lose around the edges, disorderly and controlled chaos you would be right.  If this sounds like fun you are most likely already a WingNut welcome and read on.  If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then use that VFO knob and thanks for looking us up. Everyone remembers the 1st time they made their first radio contact and their first DX contact and how fun and exciting it was.  Everyone also remembers listening to a group of hams on HF and wanting to just join in the conversation.  You took the time to learn their names, call signs, and worked up the courage to key your microphone! Then you found out that you were breaking some unspoken rule (you were not) and it was a click of guys that didn’t want you in their Conversation.  The WingNuts are here to fix this problem and welcome all hams new and old.   We are a group of like-minded hams (I.e. goofballs) that try not to take themselves too seriously and just like to get on the radio and talk (Rag Chew)!  The WingNuts is not a net and we can be found on 7.230 or 7.235 24/7 just talking and having fun.